Office Manager: Document Management System

Business solution for efficient document management and electronic archiving

DatenraumMany businesses are now completely reliant on email and the internet. A variety of tasks are carried out electronically, and the scope of this digitalisation is continuously expanding. In the process, the practical and legal demands placed on businesses have increased.

Employees – be they in sales, in support roles or in management – need to be able to access important documents quickly and easily. What’s more, companies are now legally obliged to retain digital documents for a period of ten years in case they are required for tax audits.

Office Manager addresses these demands by providing both small and large businesses with efficient archiving software. The centralised document vault increases your productivity, enables information in your company to be quickly retrieved, supports team work and, through comprehensive archiving, provides you with the security you need.

Take advantage of our extensive experience of software-supported document management: Use Office Manager DMS!


Document DMS The Document Management and Archiving System
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