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Document management and digital archiving

The database-supported organisation of digital files and scanned paper documents in a single, centralised archival system.


Finally: an alternative to the traditional directory tree

The traditional method of saving to a directory functions by recording as many document properties as possible in the directory tree.
Here’s an example: C:\Documents\Customers\JoeBloggs\Jobs\Invoices\No7123.pdf

Imagine you want to access all your customers’ outstanding invoices. Using the traditional system, you are forced to click through the structure and pull together documents from several different directories.

Using document management software, documents have parallel properties, called catalogue information. In the above example, the file is assigned to the relevant customer and identified as an outstanding invoice with reference number 7123 and an entry date. This is referred to as associative data management.

The use of these document properties means that numerous search approaches are possible, the results of which are then presented in easy-to-read data tables. Example searches might be:

  • "Show all outstanding references created before the 7th of July",
  • "Show me invoice number 7123" or
  • "Show me all quotations prepared by my colleague in the last month for customer ‘Joe Bloggs’".

You decide which properties the document has: projects, planned construction, customers and suppliers, reference numbers – or whatever categories you consider to be relevant.

Lever-arch files

Quick and easy full text search

The document contents are indexed in a database. As a result, the full text search doesn’t even require the documents to be opened – instead, the programme just searches the database index.

All you need to do is enter your search criteria, and – in under a second – you’ll have found the document you need.


Office Manager:Document Management System

Office Manager is an upgradeable, adaptable and powerful DMS product which allows you quick access to documents in any context.

Its use of document properties supports cataloguing and the automatic indexing of document texts enables full text searches.
The principle is remarkably simple: paper documents are scanned, recorded using full text indexing, and catalogued with as many properties as you like. They can then be archived together with electronic documents in almost any format. Using the document property system and full text search, they can be quickly identified, clearly listed and edited. It’s a modern solution and it means you’ll soon have full control over your documents.

Two versions of Office Manager are available:


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